How to Hire Remote Employees? An Ultimate Guide 2023

But if you’re transitioning to remote work or you want to run an experiment, keep in mind how hiring a remote worker will impact your business in the long term. Nowadays, companies have realized that having a remote workforce is no longer about surviving the pandemic but it’s also about thriving in a world that is continually changing. Be transparent to let potential candidates know what to expect and reinforce equity among existing employees. Here’s an example from Buffer that created a salary formula to explain how they calculate employees’ salaries and how they increase over time.

  • Employers may send screening questions or do a phone call first, or they may move right to video chat.
  • We try and make sure the teams have at least 4 waking hours overlap with the rest of their team.
  • That equates to well over 400 fully remote jobs at UnitedHealth being hired for this March, including both healthcare-specific and more general roles across the group.
  • Perhaps unsurprisingly for the accounting software developer, there’s serious demand for folks well versed in tax matters.
  • The short description they read in the job postings is not enough.
  • Finally, if you have experience working from home, be sure to highlight it.

Every company wants to hire and work with people who share the same values. Be open about what you’re looking for in coworkers and what kind of qualities are most important to your team. If you host annual company all-hands meetings or if your teams occasionally gather and attend conferences, capture and share these moments using photos or videos. Remote employees often make their own schedule, but they still want to know what the job entails and what their obligations will be. Explain the level of flexibility you offer and, if possible, give a glimpse into the typical day of most of your employees. LinkedIn Recruiter is a tool that allows companies to search for and connect with potential candidates on LinkedIn.

Get targeted when advertising remote positions

If you are a remote company and are looking to attract and retain top talent, post a job with us to reach thousands of highly skilled candidates today. And, if you’d like to promote your product in front of various remote workers and companies then reach out to partner with remote interview meaning us. You should never assume candidates have a perfect understanding of their qualifications. When writing the remote job description, be sure to include all of the information that the candidate will need to include to show that they are a good fit for the position.

We also always start out with a trial/probation period for each new hire allowing the new employee to complete a larger project. We typically give the option during this trial period for the employee to work part time so they can continue on with any existing job they have until they know it will work out with us. One more thing might be that we are very cautious about hiring anyone who does not have a strong enough job coach to guide them. We can identify people better now who have a high risk of just not being able to make it in our company and we stop ourselves from hiring them if they don’t have someone capable to guide them. The best way to determine if a candidate has the skills and knowledge necessary for the job is by performing an interview.

Ready to Start Hiring Remotely?

Years ago, productivity was measured by the times spent in an office. If your manager saw you typing non-stop in your cubicle, they were satisfied that you were working, and that was enough for them. It often happens that you have a hunch on a particular candidate, maybe because they are Pink Floyd fans as you are or because they love cats. But keep in mind that the unconscious bias we all have sometimes plays a bad game, so try to be as objective as possible. You’ve probably seen by now the vast quantity of companies that decided to go all-in for remote work. Big names such as Spotify, Twitter, Square, Atlassian, and Salesforce (among many others) have announced their working from home new policies.

Like in an office, the first week can be overwhelming, especially not knowing anyone. It can be even more isolating in a virtual space so it’s important to establish initial connections early on to combat first-day at work loneliness. Remember to also add new employees to relevant workspaces and Slack channels so they’re ready from day 1 and not waiting around to find out where everyone is hanging out. On the other hand, from the candidate’s perspective, they will gain a better understanding of the company and who they would be working with. With virtual interviews being much easier to schedule, make sure to involve different team members in the process.

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Other great additions are photos and short intros of all the staff or team members. This way new employees can begin to familiarise themselves with their virtual coworkers. Hiring someone remotely creates an opportunity to use diversity and inclusion software to make data-driven hiring decisions based on skill, not on inherent biases. The great news is that employers of remote workers are already ahead of the game in terms of retention. As noted above, these interview questions can be combined with elements of the skills test measuring remote working skills such as communication and collaboration.

hiring process for remote jobs

We have found that people learn a lot in jobs about how to collaborate. If they have not learned these things, then a remote job can be a hard place to learn them. We have a multi-stage process that includes screening, compatibility, skills, core values, and career history. The biggest difference from on-site workers is that we have become very shy to hire anyone who does not have experience accomplishing something hard working with others (like an office job).

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